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All Points Home Services has been led by owner and master remodeler Jim Wagoner, CAPS for 30 years. At AHPS, we care about you and your home. Our goal is to make sure you have a safe, comfortable and ultimately beautiful home.

Jim’s love for construction and woodworking started as a boy and shortly thereafter it become his profession. Leaving his Texas home, he ventured to Cape Cod for a love for the water. Jim has lived all over the U.S. so he brings vest design ideas to his work. Now back in his Houston hometown, Jim is with old friends and family. 

All Points Home Services


Owner: Jim Wagoner

Certifications: CAPS


Areas of expertise: Home improvement, remodeling, water damage restoration and prevention, custom cabinetry and artisan furniture

Met My Daughter's Needs
"My daughter is handicapped and had trouble getting around our two-story house. Jim worked with us to create a safe and usable space that met my daughter’s special needs. He thought of potential risks that we had not even considered. His creativity to each and every issue was very much appreciated."

Watch Jim's segment on the Bob Vila show about how to install solid maple kitchen cabinets.

Say hello to your improved home!

Jim and a colleague were Bob Vila’s guests on his remodeling show.

Water-Free Ever Since

“Wimberly was hit hard by the rain last year. I thought we would never see an end to the water in our home. Jim used his WagPanels™ process on our house, and our home has been water-free ever since. Meanwhile, some of our neighbors are still dealing with water issues.”

Not a Drop Inside Our House

​“I live in Meyerland and we were hit hard by the floods two years ago. Jim and his crew used his patent-pending WagPanels™on our house. The next time our neighborhood was flooded, we didn’t get a drop inside our house. All Points Home Services has saved us more than $100,000 in repairs with the WagPanels™system.”