Not a Drop Inside Our House

“I live in Meyerland and we were hit hard by the floods two years ago. Jim and his crew used his patent-pending WagPanels™on our house. The next time our neighborhood was flooded, we didn’t get a drop inside our house. All Points Home Services has saved us more than $100,000 in repairs with the WagPanels™ system."

The APHS WagPanels Process is a proven success.

Our first home using the process was in Meyerland after the 2015 Memorial Weekend flood and had water damage totaling in $120,000. We completed our process right before a second flood hit in April of 2016; the total cost of damages from the second flood was ZERO.

Water-Free Ever Since

“Wimberly was hit hard by the rain last year. I thought we would never see an end to the water in our home. Jim used his WagPanels™ process on our home and we have been water-free ever since. Meanwhile, some of our neighbors are still dealing with water issues.”

Jim has developed and launched WagPanels™,  Repair, maintenance and installation services for water damaged facilities including custom fabrication and production of seamless water resistant construction panels and supports for masonry structures. This is a 

 a patent-pending process that creates a barrier shield proven to be 100% effective in preventing future water damage due to flooding.
If you’re digging out of the water log from a recent flood, embarking on new construction and want to prevent flooding, or contemplating a remodel, WagPanels may be a solution for your home (or business). We’d love to discuss the process with you, so give us a call anytime.

The WagPanels Process for repairing exterior wall board on a brick structure without removing the brick is a proprietary, insurance approved, and patent-pending process. A continuous structural sheathing from each opening is water resistant up to a four inch proof using code-approved materials. Water tight doors are also available and sewer back up values can be added to make the house completely waterproof.

When the process is complete, the brick and weep holes will be free and clear of all debris and come standard with pest prevention wire mesh imbedded in the parchment. A parchment coat seals the brick from water penetration and gives it added structure strength and longevity. Then a paintable, rubberized isolation waterproof membrane is applied to the treated area. Wood sheathing is installed to replace the damaged wall board; new sill plates are then anchored down to the foundation with reinforcements.

Our system not only replaces damaged exterior wall boards but also completely protects the house from any further damage. This includes water rising from floods, heavy rains, or even self-inflicted water damage due to sprinkler systems.

Let’s be honest, hurricane season and spring rains strike fear in most of us in Houston, New Orleans, and along the gulf at least a few times a year. While typically the disruption is flooded streets and yards, unfortunately for many homeowners it also can mean flooded homes (or businesses). At All Points Home Services we want to help flood victims get their lives back on track with building improvements, mold removal, and other services.

We have helped numerous homeowners deal with the aftermath of such trauma with water restoration and remodeling services. We have also worked with homes that are suffering from water and structural damage due to years of water penetration, such as leaks. After witnessing the damage dozens and dozens of times, our owner Jim decided to do something even better: focus on how to prevent flooding in the first place.

After reviewing the various products and techniques on the market, Jim wasn’t satisfied that any existing material or application could successfully be 100% effective in creating a water barrier due to flooding. He embarked on testing to create a solution.

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